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In the company, we have eyeball and inspection class ROVs, the inspection class ROVs can in some extent perform small tasks, such as picking up small objects, lifting small cables/wires or opening valves.

In the company, we have developed a jetting tool, which uses high pressure water for cleaning, and a cutting tool to cut small pieces of rope. We also have different types of equipment for measuring anodes dimension, marine growth depth etc.
We always strive to satisfy our customers, and if we need a new tool for a special task, we develop the tool at our workshop and do the testing in our test pool.
We have the right equipment at the workshop for making sub sea tools, and a pool for testing equipment.

We also work with larger ROV systems, such as work class ROVs.
In the company we have 6 ROVs, 2 containers, USBL (underwater positioning system), traditional and multibeam sonars, contact and proximity probe’s. Workshop with 30.000 L test pool.
The pool is often used for experimental testing, of new ideas and new tools.

  • Inspection of shipwrecks
  • Seabed survey
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Insurance Inspection
  • Inspection of ship hull
  • Lake / pipes inspections
  • Harbour inspections
  • Underwater Recordings
  • Salvage support
  • Marine biology support
  • UXO survey
  • And much more

​​If needed, we can always deliver bigger ROV setups, work class ROV’s, 5 function manipulators, USBL systems etc. Through our business connections, and solve any ROV job.​

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