From the beginning!​

The company was founded in 2008 by Freddy Christensen.

In the beginning, it was only me and a small ROV. Soon I hired in my son, and we started as a team. Today we are 6 pilots employed in the company.

Office location in Kolding, Denmark. With workshop and test pool in the same building.

Even though the company is located in north Europe, we are working all over the world, as you can see in our reference list.

​Our goal is to take all challenges and tasks seriously, and to have a team of very experienced pilots, for every job.

In our company, we also offer a basic ROV pilot training course, we strive to have 1-3 courses per year.

We also advise companies if they have questions about ROV work/services.

ROV-Support A/S, is a ROV Company with 6 ROV systems, 6 employees and 6 freelancers.

We are ready to move out, within a few hours, all year, at all times. Our QMS makes sure that our equipment always is in perfect condition.

The company is based in Kolding-DK. Really close to the expressway. The company has its own test pool and workshop, and we are located close to Kolding harbor. The highly skilled staff perform service, and repairs on our ROV systems.

Our staff is always ready to help our clients, whenever its needed. They are all professionals, and know how the assignments is to be solved to the clients content. 

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Company information​

ROV-Support A/S

Fabriksvej 36

DK-6000 Kolding

Telephone: +45 22 59 23 54


CVR: 35388443