USBL (Underwater Positioning System)

Probably the most challenging part of operating a ROV is keeping track of your location. The solution is to fit a USBL tracking system (underwater positioning system so to speak).

Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) is a widely used tracking system for ROVs. The system consists of a transceiver mounted on the vessel, and a transponder mounted on the ROV. These two units work together to communicate the ROVs position relative to the vessel.

USBL is suitable to find objects on known GPS locations. It can also be used to document findings on the seabed, and record the exact location for these findings.


Positioning technology: Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) Frequency band 20 – 28kHz
Tracking range: 500m horizontal, 150m vertical
Range accuracy: ±0.2m
Bearing accuracy: ±3° (determined by USBL integrated heading sensor)
Position update rate: 0.5 – 10s
Targets tracked: 1 responder, 15 transponders
Data display: Polar and Cartesian display with optional bitmap chart, marker overlay and tracking features
Data recording: Data recorded in Seanet Pro format
Surface navigation: Most GPS, Heading or Altitude sensors supported by Seanet Pro

MicronNav100 Surface Hub
AC power supply: 90V to 264V, 47Hz to 63Hz
DC power supply: 12V to 36V, 2.1mm pin (positive core)
Power consumption: 4.8W from either source with no additional load
DC power output: 50W or 2A maximum current draw +33V with AC input 1.5V less than supply on DC input Defaults to highest voltage if both AC and DC are connected
Additional ports: USB 2.0, RS232, RS422, RS485, ARCNET LAN
Dimensions: 232 x 185 x 52mm (width, depth, height)
Weight: 1.3kg
Materials: Painted aluminium with matte anthracite textured finish
IP rating: IP21 (no protection against water ingress)
Temperature rating: 5 to 35°C operating, -20 to 50°C storage

MicronNav Transponder/Responder
Beamwidth: Omni-directional
Power consumption: 12 – 48V DC (3.5W transmitting, 0.28W standby)
Transmitter source level: 169dB re 1μPa at 1m
Communication protocols: RS232 or RS485 (in Responder mode)
Depth rating: 750m
Diameter: 56mm
Height: 76mm
Weight in air: 225g
Weight in water: 70g U

USBL Transducer
Operating beamwidth: 180°
Maximum diameter: 110mm
Body tube diameter: 75mm
Height: 270mm
Weight in air: 2kg
Weight in water: 0.8kg
Depth rating: 10m
Deck cable length: 10m standard 20, 30, 50m available

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