The ROV can be mounted with a Micron sonar from Tritech International or an MS 1000 from Kongsbjerg. The sonar is mounted on top of the ROV, and the data is sent through the umbilical to the surface. On the surface the sonar is controlled by pc based software.

The Micron sonar has a range of 75 meters. The sonar makes it possible to see objects on distances outside of what you can see on the camera. When the ROV is stationary, the Micron sonar scans the area and generates a picture on the screen, you use this picture to locate objects and navigate by. It can also make 360 degree scans, which gives you a picture of the area surrounding the ROV.

The Kongsbjerg sonar works the same way as the Micron sonar, although with a longer range, and better precision.

The sonar is a really good tool in bad visibility, and for measuring distances.

Teledyne - Blueview Sonar:

Another sonar solution could be the Blueview sonar from Teledyne.

Blueview is a modern 2D multi-beam sonar, that we use on all of our M 500 ROVs.

Blueview creates a picture of the seabed or objects in front of the ROV. It is updated live and with high precision, even when the ROV is in motion.

The sonar has a range of 50 m, where it makes a precise picture of the ROVs surroundings.

Blueview works well in environments with low visibility, and it is not effected by sediments in the water.

Tritech - Mircron Sonar:


Operating frequency: CHIRP centred on 700kHz 

Beamwidth: 35° vertical, 3° horizontal

Maximum range: 75m
Minimum range: 0.3m
Range resolution: approximately 7.5mm (minimum) Mechanical resolution: 0.45°, 0.9°, 1.8°
Scanned sector: Variable up to 360° 

Continuous 360° scan? - Yes
​Sector offset mode? - Yes

Electrical, Communications and Software: 

Power requirement: 12 - 48V DC at 4VA (average) Maximum cable length: 1000m using RS485 Communication protocols: RS485 (twisted pair), RS232 

Surface control: Computer using standard serial port, SeaHub or USB-RS232/RS485 converter Control software: Tritech Seanet Pro, Micron software or low-level command protocol
Software features: True acoustic zoom, instant reversal, image measurement, inverted head operations


Weight in air: 324g 

Weight in water: 180g 

Depth rating: 750m standard, 3000m optional Temperature range: -10 to 35°C (-20 to 50°C in storage)​

Teledyne - Blueview Sonar:

Operating Frequency: 900 kHz

Update Rate: Up to 15 Hz

Field-of-View: 130°

Max Range: 100 m (328 ft.)

Optimum Range: 2 - 60 m (6.5 - 197 ft.)

Beam Width: 1° x 20°

Number of Beams: 768

Beam Spacing: 0.18°

Range Resolution 1.0 in.


Supply Voltage: 12 - 48 VDC

Power Consumption: 19 W/23 W max.

Connectivity: Ethernet/VDSL*


Weight in Air: 5.7 lbs.

Weight in Water: 1.36 lbs.

Depth Rating: 1,000 m (3,280 ft.)

Size L x W (max OD): 11.3 x 5.0 in.

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