Seaeye Falcon

​The Falcon can dive to 300 meters, and it is equipped with Kongsbjerg MS 1000 single beam sonar. It has 5 powerful thrusters, which makes it able to work in 1.2 knots of current. All this makes it ideal for inspections.

The Falcon can be equipped with a manipulator (mechanical arm). This is an advantage if salvaging is needed. You can also mount a hook to the manipulator.

We can also equip it with our high-pressure cleaning system. Ideal for cleaning marine growth from ship hulls, anodes, fish farm nets, offshore installations and piers.

It is equipped with a color camera, with a sensitivity of 0.7 LUX. That is ideal for recording in low light.

We can also mount CP probe equipment, which measures the efficiency of anodes.

Depth rating: Max 300 M

Length: 1000 mm

Height: 500 mm

Width: 600 mm

Weight: 65 kg

Speed: 3 knots

Propeller forward: 50 kg

Lateral: 28 kg

Vertikal propeller: 13 kg

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