Phantom XTL​

The Phantom XTL is a ROV produced in USA, the Phantom XTL that we have in the company, is a specialised model made for hot water tasks, up to 80o Celsius water temperature. We mainly use the Phantom XTL for inspections in hot water tanks/basins. The Phantom XTL is equipped with 50-watt halogen light, andif sonar is needed on the Phantom XTL, we can mount a MS 1000 Kongsbjerg High Resolution Sonar, which will make it possible, to show some really good acoustics pictures of the objects, that are inside the sonar’s range. The sonar setup on the Phantom XTL requires water temperature, below 40o Celsius. It can go down to 300 meters’ depth. Ideal for underwater structures and seabed inspections.

Depth: 300 m
Lenght: 1, 0 m
Width: 0, 5 m
Height: 0, 45 m
Weight: 45 kg
Camera & Light
Transmission: Cobber
Light: 50 Watt Halogen.

Power supply: 200-240 VAC

Power consumption: 1.500 watt

Optional accessories:

MicroNav USBL (Tritech underwater positioning system)

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