Ocean Modules V8 M500

The Ocean Modules V8 M500, is the only ROV with a control system, that allows unlimited pitch and roll, through a full 360o with maintained platform stability. The capability to rotate 360o in any dimension, without losing stability, has proved tremendously advantageous for sonar and video inspections, as it allows the profile of sea floor, ship hull or subsea structure, to be followed regardless of angle. The diversity, small size and significant power of the M 500, makes it ideal for use in a wide range of tasks. The M500 has been used, for such diverse application as measuring the thickness of the Antarctic ice, ship hull inspections, UXO removal, performing extremely long inspections in the tunnels for cooling water in nuclear power plants, penetrating ship wrecks, underwater equipment repair and accurate pipe documentation. The M500 provides perfect stability at any attitude, making it possible to mount sensors at various angles, for different types of research without reconfiguration.

Depth: 300 m
Lenght: 780 mm
Width: 670 mm
Height: 470 mm
Weight: 60 kg​

Camera & Lights
Transmission: Cobber
NTSC eller PAL
Lights: 50 Watt Halogen.

Power supply: 200-240 VAC
Power consumption: 1.500 Watt​

Umbilical: Length: 300 m.

Optional accessories:

Blueview Sonar

MicroNav USBL (Tritech underwater positioning system)

High Pressure Cleaning System (Water)


CP Probe (Contact) - (Cathodic Protection Probe)

Measuring Equipment - (For Marine Fouling and for Anodes)

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