Here is some of our equipment​

​We work​ mostly ​with​ the type of​ ROV ​which we call​EYEBALL​ or​ Inspection​ ROVs.

They can ​also perform ​small​ tasks, pick​up small objects, ​lift​cables, ​open​ valves ​and ​the​ latest ​is ​that we​ have made ​jetting​ equipment​ to clean foundations.

We always ​make experiments with ​different​ types of​measuring equipment ​to ​satisfy our ​customers' needs.

We also work ​with large ​ROV​ systems ​and​ can, ​if there were any​ desire for ​it, ​offer ​service with​ these,​through our partners.

So we​ can offer​ all kind of ROV tasks​

Ocean Modules M500

Seaeye Falcon

Seabotix LBV 150

XTL Phantom



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